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Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield II
"The Fan Man Fight"

November 6, 1993

One year prior, a fight that was supposed to legitimize Evander Holyfield’s championship reign turned into a disaster. Riddick Bowe, an undefeated and highly-touted contender, met Holyfield in battle on November 13, 1992 and stripped him of his undisputed title in The Ring’s Fight of the Year. It was Holyfield’s first loss. Now Bowe would accept Holyfield’s challenge to prove the strength of his rule.

The fight itself was a back-and-forth affair, but the bout is not remembered for the actions of the fighters, though the significance of the Holyfield-Bowe trilogy should not be understated. The man best remembered that night was parachutist James Miller, who flew into the open arena and was snagged by the lights above the ring. Miller dangled down in the ring and was immediately attacked by fans and members of Bowe’s entourage. Once Miller was removed from the ring - rendered unconscious by a particularly ornery member of Bowe’s team - the fight resumed.

Holyfield would walk away with a majority decision and the WBA and IBF belts. It was the only loss of Bowe’s career - justice served, as Bowe had given Holyfield his first defeat in their first outing. The two would fight again in 1995, setting the dispute to rest.

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